The indelible link is founded on two simple ideas.

Firstly that when your team performs at its best, your business performs better. Better financial results. Better customer performance. Better safety performance. Better overall business performance. This is supported by studies going back over 25 years.

And secondly that your team performs at its best when your business and your team are strongly connected– connections that can be created and hardwired.

This connection – between your business and your people – is the the indelible link which we work with you to create.

We offer three broad services to create and hardwire this indelible link – after an initial chat, we agree what is required for your business.

Strategy Development

Paul brings over 30 years’ experience in human resources and business management across a diverse range of industries and geographies. Since starting the indelible link in 2013, Paul has worked for a diverse group of clients – private, public and not for profit, small and large from a range of sectors.

The output of this review is a set of recommendations about what is working well (and to leave well enough alone!), as well as any changes required to your people and organisation practices that might be stopping your people being at their best.

The Indelible Link

Your business. Your people. Connected.

People, culture and structure build

From here, we are able to assist you in the build of the critical people, structural and cultural policies, systems and practices, which will give you the best chance of success.

This could include addressing any of the areas identified in the People & Org Check.

Team development and implementation support

Additionally, we can assist you with implementation and change management support so critical to ensuring that any changes you put in place stick. This support could either be for you, your executives or members of your HR team.

This could be in the form of facilitated workshops for you and your leadership team, mentoring them through the change, enhancing the skills of your leaders or HR team or us sitting on your implementation team.

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